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Monday, December 31, 2012

Imagination Movers (Last Post of 2012)

Looking through my work from the past year, I found some things I've neglected to post here. Will 2013 be the year of organization for me? Probably not. Will this be the year I get better at editing weird background things out of my pics/just taking better photos in general? Maybe.

Two of my favorite balloons that didn't make it here are Imagination Movers Dave and Scott. If you have kids, you know this band. You don't have kids? That's no excuse.

We got to meet the Movers at a show last spring (and again last month at Sesame Place. We'll probably see them when they return to Sesame Place next spring. What can I say? We're fans.) Dave and Scott jokingly requested balloon versions of themselves and I can't turn down a challenge.

I still haven't rounded out the band with Movers Rich and Smitty. They're right at the top of my to-do list, just as soon as I feel like tackling Smitty's cowboy hat.

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