A whole lot of misdirected energy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bear

I dig Conan. Apparently, so does my balloon version of the Masturbating Bear. I made the bear, set him aside (as it turns out, under a heating vent) and then he got down to business.

He's been in my living room for a couple of days now, passing judgement on our tv choices with increasing and decreasing levels of activity. Besides Conan, he seems fond of G4's Attack of the Show and Scooby-Doo.

What didn't the bear like? Justin Bieber's new haircut debut on Ellen. (I guess he preferred the bangs, as activity levels rose during JB's interview with Conan.)

I'm going to miss the bear when he finally deflates. It's like having a dirty, diapered tv critic in my own living room.

(In case the wood-panelled walls have you wondering, yes, I do live inside a magic tree. From the 1970's.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strong Bad

I still wear my old Strong Bad sweatshirt (from back in the dialup days when every video took forever to load and play) and we've been known to throw lightswitch raves in our house. Why did it take me so long to start making the Homestarrunner.com characters? I think The Cheat's up next.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


This quote from Wikipedia cracks me up:

"The production of ALF was technically difficult and demanding. All four lead actors – Max Wright (Willie Tanner), Anne Schedeen (Kate Tanner), Andrea Elson (Lynn Tanner) and Ben Hertzberg, also known as Benji Gregory (Brian Tanner) – have admitted to a high level of tension on the set.[7]"
"High levels of tension" on the set of a show about a wisecracking, cat-eating alien puppet. I get it, man. I've only had the ALF balloon in my house for a couple of days and I'm beginning to resent it. His popping day is nigh.